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Think about it… please?

(NB: This is a ‘response’ to a post someone close to me put on their Facebook page.)


I was really hurt by your status post – and even more so by your dismissal of my concern.

Look, on one hand you’re right; it isn’t any of my business, and perhaps I do lack a sense of humour about these things. I also shouldn’t have replied on your feed, it would have been better if I’d rang you up or mentioned it next time I saw you. But dammit – your post insinuated that fat people are/look disgusting and how am I meant to take that as a joke? Being me, being who I am and the size I am, how am I supposed to brush that off as harmless? Last time I saw you I was wearing a sleeveless top. Did you think me disgusting? Did you feel I should have covered up? Did you not want to look at me? Having seen what you post as a ‘joke’ I can now believe that all three of those are true. How do you think that makes me feel?

What if I were gay – would you post a status insinuating that homosexuals not be seen in public? What if I were a minority, or disabled, or having a hard time conceiving? Which if those – if any – would also be fodder for Facebook ‘laughter’?

Look, it’s your feed, you can put anything you want there. But do be aware that real people read it – and real people may be affected by what you are saying about them.

I’m not a joke.



2 Responses

  1. Good for you!

  2. Well said, but I’m sorry you had to say it. I ran into a similar thing with a photo from an Eco march at Occupy Nanaimo; plants and animals died to make room for your fat asses! it said. Well that’s nice. Good to know that fat people are the cause of all the world’s ills! Oh, but she didnt’ mean it like THAT, were most of the responses (with one “Truth hurts, life goes on thrown in). Oh really? Then how DID she mean it? Mean people suck.

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