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Counting my (medical) blessings

I’ve had issues in the past with non fat-friendly medical professionals, as have we all. And I’ve had to see a lot of medical professionals recently. So I have been really impressed with the number of accepting Docs, etc, I’ve come across. In no particular order:

My OB: Normally in NZ pregnant women have a midwife but because I’m having twins I’m considered high risk and have to have an obstetrician. I don’t have a choice as to who, either, as I can’t afford to go private. But I don’t care, because I *like* my OB! Not only is she not phased by my fat but she’s also opposed to doing c-sections unless they’re absolutely medically essential. She’s happy to do all she can to help me have a normal birth. That’s worth gold right there 🙂

The Interns/students: I’ve been seen by a few medical students lately (they’re all on placement, apparently) and not one has questioned my statement (when asked) that I’ve been swimming for an hour every morning for the last 3 months. And the physio student who gave me the exercises and the smiley belt didn’t query, question, or disbelieve me when I said my issues had originated with the pregnancy. She believed me, which I’m not used to from medical people.

The Cardiologist: My OB detected a slight flow murmer, so I was sent to be checked over (just to be 100% sure it was pregnancy related and not a sign of a pre-existing condition that’d been missed). I’ve had a bad experience once in the past (after tests found there was nothing wrong with me – it turned out to be hype over nothing – that cardiologist gave me a long and stern lecture about my weight and how I was killing myself) and was scared of what this specialist would say. So, what did she say? Just that they found no issues and everything looked fine. That was it. No lecture, and my weight wasn’t even mentioned, even though it had been taken and my BMI worked out. The only comment she made was that my blood pressure was excellent 🙂

My GP: I had been complaining for a while of feeling horribly tired, drained, and awful. My last GP (and the midwife I had before  they found I had twins on board) had ignored it as a side affect of being ‘large’. My new GP, however, instead of dismissing me  sent me for blood tests and found extremely low iron and B12 levels. Now being treated I feel sooooo much better.

So, there are good medical professionals out there, and I’m glad to have seen so many of them over the past couple of weeks! I hope you are having some luck too 🙂


3 Responses

  1. That’s it! I’m moving to NZ! haha

    Congrats on finding some medical folk who are fine with you the way you are.

  2. I’m so delighted to hear that you are getting good medical care from reasonable, caring professionals. I, too, had twins (while fat). I gave birth vaginally. Twins, by the way, are wonderful. It’s extra hard until they sleep through the night (get one down, the other wakes up), but after that – it’s double delightful, all the time.Good Luck and keep us updated.

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