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Asking for diabetes info

Just wondering if anyone has any good websites/online diabetes resources they could share (ie. non fat-shaming ones).

A friend of mine suspected her (small) child may have diabetes, so she took him in to be tested, and his levels were something like 3 times what they should be. Now she’s the first to admit his diet isn’t perfect but I fail to see how even stuffing the kid full of junk could bring up a result like that. The trouble is the child is fat, and I worry that she will be told it’s all her fault, etc. I’m hoping to find some good, FA material I can direct her way to help her decide what she thinks about this and what she should do. She is surrounded by people who believe diabetes is caused by being fat…

I have found some great stuff at Junkfood Science and SuethSayings but any other suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks heaps, guys  🙂


4 Responses

  1. http://www.diabetesdaily.com is a good resource for information, though I must warn that many posts have a weight loss slant. It has a message board with very responsive posters who really seem to know about the disease.

    Quick question – has the child been diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes?

  2. This website was suggested to me a while back when I thought I might have some insulin issues: http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.php

    There’s a ton of information there, and it may be hard to sift through, but I found it extremely helpful.

    • Jenny Ruhl’s site was the one I was going to recommend. It is seriously awesome–she also goes through all the meds and all the research to talk about which ones are garbage/dangerous and which ones work.

      She also talks about controlling blood sugar by eating a diet lower in carbohydrate, because it’s about blood sugar, not weight loss.

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