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The importance of realising it’s not about you

I was at the airport yesterday, and people kept looking at me.

“Great” I thought “They’re all hoping they don’t end up next to the fat chick.”

Then I went to the loo and discovered exactly what they’d all been looking at; the slogan on my t-shirt (Pale is the New Tan).

Sometimes we can jump to untrue conclusions about the actions (or potential actions) of someone else, due to nothing other than our own insecurities. Amazing how often we think the whole world works the way we assume it does.

Just a thought 🙂


2 Responses

  1. Ha! I had a t-shirt once that i liked to wear because it said “Lovely” in a font that i liked. I stopped wearing it because people kept looking at me when I wore it! In fact, once this man kept staring and siad “hello ms. lovely!” Oh my gosh, that was the clincher for keeping that thing in the drawer.

  2. So true.
    We forget other people often don’t give a toss about us and our fat bits. They are usually so engrossed in their own issues we barely feature on their radar.
    Years ago, when I was in a particularly teenage hormone fuelled belligerent mood at a mall thinking everyone was looking and sniggering at my fat bum, my Mother turned to me and said “What makes you so special that you think everyone is focused on you?”
    It worked. I realised people were going about their everyday lives and it was me who felt ridiculously self conscious. Leading to alot of negative thought and made up scenarios. From then on I really tried to fight those ugly thoughts.

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