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I’m going on a journey – and I’d like you to come with me 🙂

I’m looking for maternity clothes – or failing that, clothes that I can wear through (and hopefully beyond) my current pregnancy.

The problem I face is a serious lack of supply, coupled with a fairly serious lack of money. There are no New Zealand retailers selling maternity clothing above a size 18-20. There are few New Zealand plus size retailers selling above a size 24 and those who do are usually very expensive. At the moment I wear a NZ size 24 or so on my top half (I was already well endowed and no doubt will continue to be so, as the pregnancy progresses) and thanks to the leftover belly from last gestation (twin sprogs) approximately a size 28 or so on the bottom half.

I’ve seen so many posts from Americans in the Fat-O-Sphere bemoaning the offerings of t-shirts, jeans and track suit pants that seem to be the staples of so may of their plus size stores. Guys, don’t knock it; I would be *thrilled* to be offered the same but most of your shops don’t ship overseas and the ones that do usually charge fairly hefty shipping costs.

Over the next few weeks (once I get my final assignment in for the Uni paper I’m taking) I will be investigating the options available to me, to clothe myself as I gestate this fetus (still hoping it’s just one in there).

Wish me luck!


2 Responses

  1. When you put together your list of resources, please email them to me so I can put up a NZ section on my plus-sized maternity clothing FAQ. I have entries there for Australia, but I don’t think there’s much for NZ. I’d love to have some.

    Your best bet might be to do some simple sewing. I have some info on my site about sewing maternity clothes in plus sizes, and I’m sure there are better links out there by now too. If you are like me and can’t sew worth a darn, perhaps hiring someone might be an option, or taking a class on some simple patterns.

    Good luck!

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