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Parenting – going to the dogs?

There’s a New Zealand based message board/site that I post at sometimes which has a parenting area, and boy there are some strange people on there.

I know what you’re thinking; they’re everywhere on the internet, why is she so confused? But I’m not talking about the super whacky weirdos or the starve my baby in case it gets fat brigade. I mean the stuff that is so ingrained that you have to read it twice before you start to realise exactly *why* it made you feel… well, a little weird. Here are some from this morning.

The first one is a thread titled ‘Parental Bragging!’ in which a mother praises her 9 year old’s appearance; the kid is wearing make up and Mum is “so proud” that she produced such a good looking kid. Urg. It’s so bad on so many levels I don’t know where to start… then there’s the woman who was feeling awfully guilty because she yelled at her kids this morning (apparently the boy didn’t tidy his room and the girl got margarine all over her brother’s school uniform). Posters keep advising her to ‘make it up’ to the kids later in the day; someone even went so far as to suggest she meet them at school at lunchtime with muffins and kisses! My advice was that it sounded like she needed some time out for herself today.

And the third was from a woman who admitted she felt rage at her toddler who was consistently waking her up in the early hours of the morning. Sadly, (and shockingly) more than one supposed ‘parent’ posted that they had no idea where her rage was coming from! There were even veiled hints that she should seek help.

Mummy guilt, and feeling proud over your child’s ‘sexiness’… parenting; gone to the dogs.


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