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Fatshion, function and courage.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Fat-O-Sphere is the strong discussion on clothing and fatshion (literally, ‘fat-fashion’). Many commentators (and they’re mostly American) are bemoaning the easy availability of the t-shirt and jeans option and craving instead things I don’t think I’d wear even if I was thin, such as dresses and brightly coloured tights. And it’s a debate I keep shaking my head over because here in NZ jeans and t-shirts have continuously been, and still are, difficult to find in large sizes.

Our plus size market has always been well served in the ‘designer’ area, with shops like Zebranos and TCD charging like wounded bulls for some admittedly lovely pieces (although TCD is a little too ‘Trelise Cooper-ish’ for my tastes). They do fall down on size, going only to a 22 or so, but they are *there* and it is nice to have the option. That said, I have spent perhaps the last 10 years (and no, I’m not exagerating!) searching for jeans that fitted well, didn’t assume I was 7 feet tall, and would not require me to re-finance my house in order to buy them. T-shirts are the same; you can buy every other kind of top (often unflattering – c’mon guys, how many large boobed girls look good in *scoop necks*???) but t-shirts have always been verboten for the 18+.

But I’ve recently solved those two problems by going to 2 of the cheapest, most fashion-challenged (my opinion) shops on the planet: The Warehouse and K-Mart.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from your shock 🙂

See growing up (back when I was ‘fat’ as opposed to now) I always felt I had to dress elaborately to hide it. So I did, and I hated the clothes I wore as they went against my own personal taste, which is unfussy with clean lines showing a bit of cleavage and not being too loose or too tight. Although I loved the look I would have rather cut a limb off than wear a t-shirt and jeans, because I felt I was far too fat for it.

So now, while the Fat-O-Sphere delves into frills and 80’s flashbacks I will learn to wear and rock a look I’ve always wanted: t-shirt and jeans.


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