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Other people’s misery.

I’ve found the secret to happiness: it’s other people’s misery.

You may remember that I signed up to Facebook a wee while ago. I sent a friend request to a guy I used to go to school with. It took him a while but he friended me back… and that seemed to open a floodgate. I assume I’m now coming up more often as a ‘potential friend’ on people’s pages as I’m suddenly getting a fair few friend requests, almost all of them from old High School compatriots. I basically OK’d the friend request of everyone I could remember – why not? – and started looking through their profiles.

And I found that most of them seem rather unhappy. That surprised me. I guess the nature of Facebook’s ‘wall’ lends itself to snappy one-liners describing day to day unhappiness. But still I was a little shocked by the amount of depression I found there. I was going to post a wee snippit of my own but then it hit me:

I’m actually really happy.

Really. Sure, things are a bit stressful at the moment – hubby is in an awful job situation and we’re still considering what to do next year when his contract ends – but overall I’m pretty darn happy with my life. Should I be? I’m not successful; I have done some interesting things career-wise but at the moment I’m just a stay at home mother. I’m not good looking and never will be. Yeah, I’m pretty well educated but not like PhD level or anything. And we have no money to speak of. So why am I happy?

I have a wonderful partner whom I love very much, and who loves me. I have two wonderful children who can drive me mad but also paint my world in vivid colour and light. We don’t have money to spare but we have enough to rent a nice house and get by. I’m well educated and working on more. I have family (2, counting hubby’s) who care about me and mine. And I can get along and chat with just about anyone.

If that’s not enough to make a girl happy… what is?


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