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The bane of cyclists: Me.

Today’s public service announcement – when cycling, look where you’re going.

I was involved in an accident yesterday. Here’s what happened… We live in the bowl of a cul-de-sac. I had pulled out of our driveway and was heading towards the intersection when I saw a cyclist round the corner and head towards me. He was in the middle of the road, looking down, and heading for my car. Now I had nowhere I could go to avoid him: there were cars to the left of me and if I went to the right I *really* would have hit him. So I stopped the car. I kept thinking he would look up… but he didn’t. He hit my car at speed and went up on the windscreen before falling onto the road!

There was blood, there was me not knowing what to do, there was a bleeding young man at my feet cursing himself for not looking where he had been going, and there were curious neighbours (though not many; as I said, I wasn’t moving, so there was no screech of brakes or bang to draw the crowd). There was also a parent and child from my kid’s kindy who happened to be walking past at the time and thought it was a great joke (“Hey, Tanz – what have you done?”) The Man of the House took him to the local hospital and I went to the Police Station to notify them of an injury accident (as per the law of the land) and when there who do I see – *another* kindy parent, this one a cop, who greets me with “Oooh, have you been naughty have you??”

Sigh. I’m thinking of having a T-shirt made: “I brake for cyclists – but it doesn’t help…”


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