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Private Mammary reporting: The Elomi ‘Jasmine’ bra

Day 3 – My fave, the Elomi ‘Jasmine’ bra.

My God, I never realized I had two boobs! Two!

OK, I’m overstating a little but like most of us well-endowed girls I suffered a heck of a lot of uniboobage. Not anymore though. This bra not only separates ’em, it holds them up (don’t look down suddenly, or you’ll put an eye out) and curiously also manages to have the same affect as a good minimizer bra (which, of course, one cannot purchase in large sizes, presumably because we don’t need them). When fully dressed it is possible to cup just *one* breast with your hand without touching or even disturbing the other. If you felt like it. Or something.

My knockers have never had it so good.  🙂

There is a downside, though – The sides of the bra are too high under the armpit and I found them uncomfortable. It’s also not a cheap bra – I found them here for 35 pounds each – but apart from that it’s great and I give the ‘Jasmine’ a 9 out of 10!

This is Private Mammary – over and out!


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