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Private Mammary reporting: The Trademe cheapie

Day 2 – The online auction site ‘cheapie’ buy.

Two words – Bother. Don’t.

OK, that’s a little harsh. But I’m a bit disappointed here. I thought I was on to a good thing when I saw a new trader selling pretty bras in large cup and band sizes. Just a quick recap; New Zealand retailers are happy to sell all manner of bra sizes up to around about an 18E or so. At that point an interesting inversion takes place – large band sizes become rare and the few that are stocked are coupled with small cup sizes. I have no idea why, it defies all logic; shops that happily stock sizes 8-18 in A-E cups will grudgingly offer their customers a few size 20-24’s (if you’re lucky) but the cup sizes will be strictly B-D only. Apparently the larger we grow the smaller our boobs become. And don’t even bother with lingerie shops – they stock even fewer sizes and will demand your first born child in exchange for something boring, beige and fugly. Overseas, internet-based shops can be good – Figleaves is one I’d recommend – but the exchange rate and shipping costs can be prohibitive.

So cheap, French lace bras on a New Zealand based online auction site looked like the perfect bra bargain. And there’s only one catch, as it turns out – they’re about as uplifting as a close encounter with Paris Hilton. They’re pretty but flimsy – not good for all day/everyday wear, but OK for parading almost naked in front of your lover. And the cup sizing is too small. Bras 4 Everyone – you fail. I’d say 5/10.

Tomorrow – the overseas purchase; the Elomi ‘Jasmine’ bra.

This is Private Mammary, over and out!


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