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Private Mammary reporting: The Strapless

Day 1 – the strapless bridal lace bra from Goddess (seen here).

I’ve never worn a strapless bra before (the closest I’ve come was a brief flirtation with a corset) and I was expecting to fall out at least once. Luckily that didn’t happen and overall the bra was fairly comfortable. I have to admit I didn’t wear anything clothing-wise that necessitated a strapless bra – it was cold yesterday and I’m a chicken! – but everything seemed to stay where it was needed despite my fairly active day. This bra has full cups with a kind of flexible boning in them which covers pretty much the entire breast and keeps everything where it needs to be. While I wouldn’t wear it to go jogging ‘the girls’ were uplifted and pretty well supported the entire day. I didn’t need to adjust myself at all 🙂

There were only 2 downsides and I suspect they’re probably common to all strapless bras – the middle section didn’t lie against the chest, giving a light ‘uniboob’ effect, and I found the band of the bra under the breasts dug into me a little when I sat and leant forward (the latter is probably due to the bra not holding it’s contents quite as high as a normal bra due to the lack of shoulder straps).

But overall it was a good bra. I think 8 out of 10.

Tomorrow – the cheap French lace bra purchased from Trademe.

This is Private Mammary, over and out!


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