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A bra for all seasons

I offer this as a kind of community service.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve had huge boobs (breasts, knockers, jugs, tits, call ’em what you will) since I was a kid. The past 21 years have been spent trying to find a comfortable, flattering, pretty and affordable bra.

I’m still looking.

My favourite has always been the Fayreform Smoothline Charlotte (F75-8085) but I’ve been told they’re not going to be making/importing these anymore (of course not; they’re comfortable and they fit!) and the alternative, the Fayreform Charlotte (F75-5040) is uncomfortable and gives one the dreaded cone-boob look. So I’ve been searching further afield. I found a good UK based site called Figleaves and I ordered a couple from their sale; the ‘Jasmine’ bra by Elomi (a pic is here) and the Goddess bridal lace strapless (seen here). I’ve never tried a strapless one before because I could never find one in my size but I always wanted to; I have summer tops that really demand it (and going braless is not an option for someone so… abundant as myself). I have also found a seller on the online auction site Trademe who has a collection of large bras, apparently from France: I’ve ordered one of those too, to see if they fit, lift and separate as a good bra should.

Anyway, over the next few days I’m going to be trying these bras and bringing you the latest information from the trenches, so to speak, for all those large-breasted, wide-bodied women out there.

This is Private Mammary, reporting for duty!



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