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Even the Post Office hates my mammaries :(

Remember my post about bras and bra shopping? (Read it here). Well, seeing as the one bra I managed to scrounge up was horribly uncomfortable and gave me cone-boob to boot, I decided to try online.

No luck with New Zealand outlets of course, so I tried looking further afield. It was fairly depressing; even when I could find my size either 1) the site didn’t ship internationally, or 2) they wanted my first-born child in order to do so. But luck was with me as I did find a site (based in the UK) which not only shipped (relatively) cheaply to NZ but was also having a sale… and had several bras left in my size. I ordered three (didn’t want to go nuts in case they weren’t any good – they’re all brands I haven’t heard of before) and sat back to wait.

So far, so good.

Then on Saturday I discovered this card in my mailbox:


Just in case you can’t read that – New Zealand Post did not deliver my bras because the parcel was too big. (‘Oversize’ was the helpful term they used). Oh, the irony!

I now have to make a separate journey to their sorting centre to pick up my humungous bra package.

Honestly guys – next time just biff it over the fence. I don’t mind; I just want my damn bras!!!

The things a girl goes through in order to lift and separate…


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