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Friday frivolity

Y’know I had a post in my head, all about FA and the obesity panic and such.

But I’m bored with it now, so I’m gonna ramble instead 🙂

I really should be cleaning the house – the In Laws are coming tomorrow to stay for a few days, and the place is a bit of a mess – typical end-of-week clutter – but I just can’t summon the energy to get up. Actually, no, that’s not quite true… I can’t be bothered getting up. About the only housework I did today was take a heap of washing to the laundromat to dry (it’s been raining for a week or so, and I’m not expecting it to stop soon). And I had the oddest experience there; I came across a woman who is sure she knows me from somewhere (and she looks familiar to me too) but we couldn’t place each other. Odd.

On the other side of inter-personal relationships I got up the courage to send a friend request on Facebook to someone I used to go to school with. It’s funny but it doesn’t seem like so long ago we were all back there, even though it’s 15 years since I saw these people. Almost half my life – boy that’s scary.

Am I the only person who ages everywhere except in my head? I still feel 18 some days…


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