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What’s going on here??

Remember the bra I finally managed to scrounge up a few posts back? It happens to be one of the horrible cone-boob types. And it’s horribly uncomfortable to boot.

I also tried to buy the only 100% effective moisturiser out there from the Chemist today – only to find that it’s just been taken off the market.

I can’t get my washing done – it’s too cold for it to dry – and I have no idea what to cook for tea.

The house is a mess and so am I.

It’s officially Monday 🙂


One Response

  1. I hear you my lovely.Tis truly Monday and I also have Monday itis.Been a very cold day here today so I decided to cook crumbed chicken , cooked vvvvveeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly its lovely.To go with it I did a nice large amount of baked veges.Usually I can multi task effectively but not today.I have discovered its not the best idea I’ve ever had to cook my lovely dinner whilst listening to my MP3 player.My slow chicken was in fact burning like a you know what and my lovely baked veges actually cooked to perfection,the problem came when I took the Dish out of the oven, I dropped the lot onto the floor.Oh my god my lovely dinner spread over the Lino mixed in with bits of broken casserole dish.Hubby to the rescue , shall I order Fish and Chips now says he.

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